Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Superman True Brit

Superman True Brit

by Kim "Howard" Johnson, with some help by John Cleese
Art by John Byrne and Mark Farmer


In this Elseworld comic, a small variation makes for a big change in the traditional Superman story. Instead of landing in Kansas, Kal-el's rocket lands in Kent, England. The Clark family finds the surprising child and names the boy Colin. As Colin grows to a man they teach him to be careful with his gifts, always remembering the important creed which every Brit lives by: WWTNT (What Would the Neighbors Think?) A small slip of his powers (causing a nearly fatal accident), lands him an enviable job as a tabloid reporter at the Daily Smear. He finds new uses for his power as he attempts to spy out what the latest Celebrity Hotties are up to. The biggest change comes for Colin Clark when he sees two popular musicians trapped in a car. With his parents permission, he quickly dons a disguise and rescues them. Other rescues follow, some not fully appreciated, for example when he helps the British army safely pull a WWII bomb from the ground, but then accidently throws the old bomb into the Eiffel Tower. Eventually, Colin realizes that he must stand up for himself and even face down his tabloid boss.

In this very funny interpretation, Howard presents an interesting scenario that not only makes for a fun story, but leads to a whole series of amusing variations. What if Superman's ship had landed in Germany, France, India, Kenya, Brazil or even Antarctica? The possibilities are endless!

This is a very quick, very fun read. The artwork at times presents the traditional square-jawed image of Superman and at other times presents a hapless geek who creates as many problems as he solves, but always with great enthusiasm!

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