Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shakespeare Mangas YP FIC SHAKESPEARE

Everyone knows that Shakespeare is awesome and dope and cool right? No? well he is kind of hard to read that’s true, but almost everything he wrote was about murder, mayhem, and lust! Well there is a way to enjoy his amazing stories, characters, and excellent use of language and not get completely lost: Manga. Shakespeare as manga works because his stories are timeless and universal and having pictures helps follow what is happening when the language is sometimes confusing. Here are three Shakespeare Mangas that you should check out

Shakespeare's Macbeth : The Manga Edition YP FIC SHAKESPEARE

A bloody and violent look at what the love of power does to men’s souls. Macbeth is a loyal retainer of the King Duncan until his wife convinces him to murder the king and take his throne. What follows is more murder and bloodshed to keep the thrown and Macbeth trying to fight his own bloody fate.

I like the art especially in the battle and horror scenes, but think at times it was a little too simple. Over all it is a very cool look at one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest plays. I think Macbeth works very well as a comic because so much of the play is about horror and the fantastic.


Othello is black and a soldier and his new wife Desdemona is white and well bred. This and Othello’s promotion through the ranks stirs the hatred of Iago, one of the greatest villains in literature. He uses deception to first plant doubt, then jealousy, then thoughts of murder towards the innocent Desdemona in this tragedy of racism, jealousy, lies, and doomed love.

This version has Othello in a world that is a mix of Sci-Fi and fantasy. I thought the art was good and the designs were very good and cool, but I did wonder if it sometimes took away from the story. In the end I decided I liked it because it is such a unique and unconventional take and shows how universal Shakespeare truly is. also, I can never get enough of Iago. He is one of the all time great villains and shows how petty and small evil men can bring down giants of virtue.


All hail Caesar great and glorious leader of Rome. All until Caesar declares himself sole emperor that is. Then he must die (and at the hands of his greatest friend no less). But soon the conspirators find that blood begets more blood and they have no more luck avoiding their fate as Caesar did his.

This is my favorite comic adaptation I have read of Shakespeare. The artist, Musharik has a truly original style that looks like a mix of manga and European art. It was very cool and really brought the epic story to its full potential. Also, Julius Ceasar is a great choice for a comic because it has really great characters that jump off the page.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Liar by Justine Larbalestier YP FIC LARBALES

Micah is a liar. She admits it and wants you to know she will tell you the complete truth. She promises. Except it’s hard because she’s been lying her entire life, but now Micah’s secret boyfriend has just been found brutally killed and all of Micah’s lies are making her look worse and worse. Can she tell the truth before it’s too late? Will anyone believe her if she does? Will you?

This book is like a puzzle wrapped in a secret covered in riddles! Micah is a total liar! You are always wondering if she’s telling the truth about anything that’s happened. The truth is that is what makes this book so fun. Micah is a really fascinating character and clearly disturbed. It’s a fun challenge to try and get in her head and make sense of it all while a murder mystery is playing around at the edges. I won’t spoil it, but there is a HUGE twist mid book that takes a realistic story into the realm of the fantastic. The tricky thing is if we are supposed to believe Micah is telling the truth about it. It could just be all a lie to hide her grief over the real tragedies that have shaped her life. There are no certain answers and about a million lies in this funny, challenging, suspenseful, and sad look at identity, grief, truth, and love. If you want something different and like a challenge this is a truly rewarding read. Honest.