Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mister Monday

Mister Monday

The Keys to the Kingdom Series, Bk 1

by Garth Nix


Arthur is having another asthma attack as he lays on the grass during P.E., when suddenly two men appear. They're debating between themselves about a key. The one tells the other that since Arthur is about to die, the key should be given to Arthur. Strange things begin to happen though once Arthur has the key. Arthur's asthma is eased, but a plague descends on his home town. Their is only one place that Arthur can go to find answers and hopefully a cure for this new infection, the House.

In the House, Arthur meets many strange people, including Suzy, one of the children led away by the Pied Piper many centuries before. Together they must escape dinosaurs and Mister Mondays' servants Noon and Dawn.

Garth Nix, author of the Abhorsen trilogy, does not disappoint in this newer series. From the beginning, Arthur shows concern for greater things, so that his later courage and resolution is entirely in character. From the beginning, the book is non-stop action, but there are also many shades of gray in the problems that Arthur faces which add depth to the story.

Books one through five are available now at the library, and book six will be available late this summer.

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