Monday, August 18, 2008

Alanna : the first adventure by Tamora Pierce

Have you ever dreamed of being a warrior?
Alanna had, and she certainly never wanted to become the sorceress her noble father expects her to be. But in Tortall, her land to protect, women can't become knights or warriors. Thom, her twin brother, has been ordered to become a knight even though he badly wants to become a sorcerer.
So when Lord Alan decides it is time to send the twins off to school, the twins secretly decide to switch places with each other. Alanna, disguised as a boy, goes off to learn to be a knight's page, while Thom disguises himself as a girl and goes off to the convent.
Both twins have the Gift, but neither could imagine the adventure, the danger and the magic which awaits them as they battle the evil forces that fight to overpower the good and noble kingdom of Tortall.

This is the first book in a thrilling four-book series called the Song of the Lioness. Author Tamora Pierce has written several other multi-book series set in the same imaginary country and time period full of fascinating characters that cross between the series. If you liked The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley or you are a fan of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, these books are for you!

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