Monday, January 12, 2009

Breaking Point / by Alex Flinn

Paul Richmond thinks nobody has it as bad as he does as he begins a new year at the prestigious Gate-Bucknell Christian School, a place he's only attending because his mom works in the counselor's office. It's been over a year since he and mom were "dumped" by Paul's dad, who must be doing so well with his new girlfriend, Melanie, that he hasn't even had time to return Paul's hundred or so phone calls.

Well, David Blanco might have it worse. Everyone knows, especially the torcherous rich-kid clique, that David is only at Gate-Bucknell because his mom works in the cafeteria and his father is a janitor, making him a defacto victim during all waking hours. David's learned not to trust anyone; paranoia fueling his seemingly permanent animosity, exemplified when Paul receives a somber "you'll be next" in response to his awkward attempts at consolation.

Paul is next as almost overnight things change; David is suddenly left alone at school and Charlie Good, elitest of the elite clique, tries to get to know Paul. Charlie's not only rich, well-known and a tennis ace, he's even liked by teachers. Soon Paul starts hanging out with Charlie on a routine basis, even accompanying him on some prankish endeavors. All in good fun though. Or is it? Things become suddenly serious when Charlie and his entourage start planning a most diabolical plot, one that's not only dangerous but deadly.

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