Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apart by R.P. MacIntyre and Wendy MacIntyre

Jessica’s dad is a biker, who abandons her and Timmy, her special needs brother. Jessica’s mom is still around physically, but spends most of her time under the influence of pills and alcohol. Desperate to find her father, Jessica places a personal ad in the Globe and Mail. Sween, who lives on the other side of Canada, responds to the ad because he thinks he knows her father and where he is currently located. Without telephone or computer, Jessica and Sween, continue writing letters after they determine the man Sween knows isn’t Jessica’s father. As their letter writing progresses a relationship emerges, which leads Sween to bike across the country to find her. This story does not end the way the reader many have anticipated, as reality gets in the way of feelings that developed through their correspondence. The story is told through their letters, which makes the reader feel like they, too, are part of the story.

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