Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Edward by Eric Walters

Who likes school? Who likes homework? Edward, a classic slacker, is not a fan of either. In fact, as long as he barely passes his classes he’s perfectly fine with mediocrity. He begins exploring his options when his borderline average is threatened. What can he do to pass his classes, but do little to no work? When he discovers students in “special ed.” classes get longer test-taking times and have little homework, Edward begins to craft a plan to have himself placed in the remedial program. However, he soon discovers convincing people he should be in special education classes is more work than the slacker could have imagined.

Eric Walters is a Canadian author who has penned over sixty juvenile and young adult books. The Moore Memorial Library has several of his young adult books, including Sketches, Laggen Lard Butts, Stuffed, Juice, Grind, Overdrive, Caged Eagles, and War of the Eagles.

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