Saturday, May 14, 2011

She Thief by Daniel Finn YP FIC FINN

Baz (Girl) and Demi (Boy) are master pickpockets in the Barrio. They take their loot to Fay, the woman that watches over all the childhood thieves in the Barrio. It’s almost like a family. Almost. But almost doesn’t nearly cut it when Demi steals the find of a lifetime, a gigantic blue ring. Now the cops and the underworld are all looking for Demi and it seems like Fay is going to sell him out. Now Baz is on her own for the first time and has to get to Demi and make it out of the Barrio before they’re both killed.

This is an interesting novel. The dialogue is original and unique. The thieves talk in a sort of slang that can be hard to follow at first, but works in instantly making the reader a part of their world. This isn’t a thrill a second read and is mainly about the characters interactions and betrayal, but if you stick with it the story builds steam and pays off really well in the end. And even when the book isn’t fast paced, Finn does such a great job describing the city and its corruption that you don’t really mind. A great read for fans of gritty life on the streets type fiction.

I will say that I am disappointed in the cover. Both the main characters of the book are dark skinned, so I have NO IDEA why the main faces of the cover are so light skinned.

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