Friday, September 30, 2011

Long Story Short by Siobhan Parkinson YP FIC PARKINSO

Jono (14) and Julie (8) hit the road.  That’s because Jono and Julie’s mom hit Julie.  Jono will tell you the whole story and he’ll keep it short.

This is a short read!  Fortunately, Siobhan Parkinson knows how to pack in a lot with a little.  I often wished that the book was just a bit longer in places, but that’s proof that Parkinson is doing her job well: keeping the reader wanting more.  The story itself is nothing new to YA fic:  kids run off and try to make it on their own.  What makes this novel work and stand out is that Jono is a funny, believable, and interesting narrator.  Which is the book’s saving grace, because the plot isn’t very surprising.  I wanted to keep reading not just to know what happened, but to hear how he would tell it.  A great read for people wanting a true slice of life told very well.

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