Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lewis & Clark by Nick Bertrozzi YP FIC BETROZZI

Lewis and Clark’s epic journey west changed the fate of our nation forever.  This comic retelling of their great adventure takes a comic look at the adventures and misadventures that befell the famous duo.

Lewis and Clark were hardcore!  They were fighting, shooting, hallucinating (Lewis at least), fearless explorers.  The amount of ridiculous stubbornness they show in crossing the country is hilarious, inspiring, and hard to believe.  What is left out of many accounts of the famous expedition is how Lewis suffered from bizarre mood swings and eventually took his own life.  This is a funny but dark look at a wonderful true adventure.  The expedition is filled with unusual characters and surprising dangers.  The art is lively and inventive.  Bertrozzi keeps things fresh by playing with panel placement and size and excellent linework.  He makes America seem new again!  If you like comics or historical fiction, check out this  two-fisted, hair raising, bear shooting good time!

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