Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7 Billion Needles Volumes 2, 3, and 4 by Nobuaki Tadano YP FIC TADANO

Hikaru thought Maelstrom was completely obliterated, but instead something unimaginable has happened.  It has changed.  And now it wants to break the endless cycle of obliterating all life until Horizon destroys it, only to repeat the actions on a new planet.  However, when the cycle is broken it has consequences that could nullify all life on the planet or reduce everything to its original evolutionary form.  Only Hikaru can unite Maelstrom and Horizon fight the new evil threat, and stop the Moderator hitting the big reset button on all life on Earth.

Volume 1 was a great start to this 4 part series (you can read my review here), but the rest of the series is even better than I hoped.  The plot manages to enlarge greatly in scope while still keeping focus on the characters it started with.  The stakes are greater, but the action is grounded by a human element at all times.  It really kept me invested in what happened beyond just loving the super cool artwork.  And the artwork is definitely great.  The mutated monsters are gory, grisly, and gruesome and the human characters are all very well designed, too.  You never get that samey look where all the characters look alike except for the hair, which plagues so much manga.  Best of all this is a four volume series with a very satisfying beginning, middle, and end.  A great read for any fans of Sci-Fi looking to get into manga or any manga fan that likes a great story and isn’t squeamish about gore.

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