Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Planesrunner by Ian McDonald YP FIC MCDONALD

Everett Singh’s father has been kidnapped right before his eyes.  Everett knew his father was working on something important, but had no idea it was a worlds-shattering invention: the infundibulum.  A map of all the multiple universes and where they intersect and can be traveled to and from. The infundibulum shows up on Everett’s computer and now he’s the most wanted teen in the multiverse.  He lands in a London populated by airships, pirates, and pursued by the villainess Charlotte Villiers. 

This is a fast-paced, fun, and exciting start to a series.  The plot moves whip fast from point to point. However, McDonald pays great attention to little details in description to help ground the reader, so they feel like they are along for the journey.  McDonald does a great job of making the alternate Earth seem strange and exciting, but also building a plausible history.  I loved the air pirates and their slang language, palari.  McDonald very wisely includes a glossary at the back and also a brief history of the origin.  My only gripes are that the characters are fun and likeable enough, but hardly complex.  Are hero is a bit too hyper competent to be believable as a 14 year old in mortal danger.  Also our villainess is just too plainly evil to be a truly interesting.  It helped that she sort of looks like Lady Gaga with an afro on the cover, so that I could imagine the book as a story of what will happen when Gaga mobilizes her monsters and starts a multiverse spanning evil empire. I really enjoyed the book even with my character complaints and hope to see more character development in future volumes of the series.  It’s got a fun concept that can be easily spun into loads of interesting worlds and sci-fi or adventure fans should definitely get on board.

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