Thursday, August 30, 2012

172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad YP FIC HARSTAD

Mia, Antoine, and Midori have won the ultimate vacation: an all-expenses-paid trip to the moon! They will train with NASA, explore the moon, and come back world famous.  But not really.  There is something very dark hiding on the dark side of the moon and there is nothing that can prepare them for it, no one to save them from it, and if they don’t make it back no one will ever even know what killed them.

This book is tense, creepy, scary, eerie, and all sorts of other things that will keep you up late at night.  What works so well is that it’s a really slow burn.  We get to know all that characters with chapters from their perspective and learn about their hopes and dreams before they are thrust into mortal danger.  This makes for a slow start, but it makes the horror of the later chapters really pay off. The use of photos and diagrams also was a very smart touch by Harstad.  It helps establish a layer of believability and adds a nice variety to boot.  It’s one of those “will ANYONE survive” type of horror books that really pushes you to the edge of your seat.  It was the rare book, where I didn’t see the final twist coming at all.  So if you want a genuinely creepy book, this is a sure fire scarer. 

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