Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mythos Academy Series

Mythos Academy Series
by Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost
Kiss of Frost
Dark Frost
Coming Soon...Crimson Frost

This series also focuses on mythologies, like the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Series by Rick Riordan, the Oh.My.Gods. Series by Tera Lynn Childs, and the Wildefire Series by Karsten Knight. The main character, Gwen Frost, does not believe that she belongs at the Mythos Academy. Unlike the other "Spartan, Roman, Celt, Valkyrie, and Amazon" students, she is just a "Gypsy" girl. Gwen cannot fight, she can just touch people and objects and "know" about them. After her mother's death, though, her grandmother felt it was important for Gwen to attend the academy. The students at Mythos Academy learn to enhance their skills to fight the "Reapers of Chaos," the followers of Loki, who want to free Loki and spread chaos over the world. When some weird things start happening at the academy, Gwen will find out that her skills may help her more than she thought, and she finds that she will need her new friends, and crush-worthy Spartan, Logan Quinn, to help her fulfill her legacy. This legacy, though, will also make her a prime target for the reapers.

I found myself really enjoying this series. Gwen Frost is a very likable character, and you really find yourself routing for her. You know that she has a lot of to learn, as the other students in the academy have been training for years and years, but Jennifer Estep does not let Gwen just suddenly "have" the powers that she will need. She will have to develop them over time, just like the other students (she does have an edge, though). I also enjoy the little red herrings that Jennifer Estep leaves around, so you cannot assume that you have figured out who the bad guy is until the bitter end.

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