Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hollywood loves the YA Fic!

It seems like teen fic is the place that all of Hollywood is squeezing dry for “new” ideas!  With super huge billion dollar blockbusters like Twilight and Hunger Games, and hit series like Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars we can expect many teen books to be hitting big and small screens alike.

We will soon see movies of:

Beautiful Creatures (YP FIC GARCIA) a boy falls in love with the new girl at school, but shucks of she doesn’t have Strange and Dark Powers!!! However the movie is clearly making Lena the protagonist and Ethan is a supporting actor!
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (YP FIC CLARE) Clary’s humdrum world is turned topsy turvy when she witness a magic murder and is drawn into intra-dimensional conflict.  Oh, and she is more than she seems and maybe has powers!!!

Catching Fire (YP FIC COLLINS) AKA Hunger Games Part 2: Hungrier Games!  

The Sea of Monsters (YP FIC RIORDAN) AKA Percy Jackson 2: Do You Think it Will be as Disappointing as the First Movie?

The Chaos Walking Trilogy (YP FIC NESS) A truly great trilogy about war, violence, choices, and telepathy!  On a barren planet where all women are dead!  Or are they!? 

The key being that all the movies are based on books that  are continuations or starts of series, so they can suck you in for multiple movies! 

There are also several YA books turning into TV shows.  We will soon see a The Sixth Gun series based on the rather awesome western, sci-fi mash up comic book, Delirium based on the Lauren Oliver books about a world that has outlawed love (don’t they know when you outlaw love only outlaws will have love!!!), and The Selection (YP FIC CASS) a kind of Hunger Games Lite where it’s a Dating show that rules the Dystopian Society instead of a blood sport!

So check out these books before the movies come out and everyone and their cousin is lining up to read them!

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