Monday, February 11, 2013

The Teen advisory Board and Manga Club wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Loves and Hugs and Kisses Day!  We are very mushy and both lovey and dovey at the Moore Memorial Public Library, so both the Teen Advisory Board AND the Manga Club have made special Valentine messages just for YOU!*

The TAB has put Random Act of Kindness notes in books throughout the entire library collection.  So if you happen upon one of these notes of cheer then it might just perk up your day (or so we hope)!

The Manga Club made manga style Valentine’s and put them in random manga volumes to warm the cockles of any otaku’s heart!

Happy Hunting!  And if you want to get in on the good vibes of the TAB or Manga Club the TAB meets Friday, March 1st at 4PM and the Manga Club meets Friday March 8th also at 4 PM.

*You of course being a random person that grabs a randomly selected book from our library!

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