Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Programs are Almost Here!!!!!!!!!! sounds sooooooo cool at first. No school, sleeping in, non-stop fun in the sun, etc. But then reality and the overwhelming boredom sets in. Nothing do do. Nowhere to go. So. Very. Lame.  

Well, that's all over.  We are dedicated to making summer awesome again!  At Moore Memorial Public Library we want to be YOUR summer hot spot!  We have our year long awesomeness of our wonderful collection of books, magazines, movies, graphic novels, manga, documentaries, TV series, audio books, electronic resources, and more.  Not only do we have all these amazing resources, but you can use them (with the exception of DVDs) to fill up a Teen Summer Reading Log to enter into our prize drawing.  

Summer Reading

Starting June 10th, come by the library and pick up a reading log.  Then  keep track of the amount of time you spend reading on your reading log.  For every 10 hours of reading that you record on your reading log, you’ll receive one entry in our drawing for an AWESOME prize.  Earn additional entries for every 10 hours you read.  OR you can complete the Seven Library Labors on the back of the reading log!  You can even do both to double your chances to win! All reading logs are due at the Library Reference Desk by August 16th no later than 5 PM.

But in addition to all this great stuff to read, watch, listen to, enjoy, etc. we also have great summer programs!

Board Game Fridays

On Fridays from June 14th through August 9th, we will be hosting gaming afternoons at the library in the Holland Meeting Room from 2-5 PM.  Teens ages 12-18 can come to the library to play board games, strategy games, and card games like you’ve NEVER played before.  We have :

Carcassonne: Build your medieval landscape tile by tile to control the greatest resources.
Dixit: Can you guess the story in the cards? A truly unique game of imagination.
Dominion:  Use your cards to build your resources and dominate!
Flux: a fast-paced card game in which the rules are always in flux
Forbidden Island: a cooperative game of treasure hunting on an ever-sinking island
The Great Dalmuti: Players take their places in the pecking order, from Greater Peon to Greater Dalmuti, and try to ditch the cards in their hands.
Labyrinth: Make your way through an ever shifting maze to get the most treasure and escape.
Munchkin: use cards to create your own bizarre heroes and battle monsters.  Pandemic: Work together to stop the diseases before all humankind is doomed!
Risk: The classic game of total world domination.
Settlers of Catan: an award-winning strategy game of conquest through building.

Want something more traditional? Play a rousing round of chess or the ancient strategy game Go. We also have the party games like Apples to Apples, Cranium,  and Scattegories as well as all classic board games like Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry, and more. we have enough great games that you can play something new EVERY Friday!

Special Teen Programs!!!

We will have some super-awesome programs this summer and they are all FREE FREE FREE!!! All you need to do is pick up your FREE ticket at the reference desk one week before the event you want to attend!  We will have randomly selected door prizes at every one of these Special Teen Programs AND a prize for any teen that comes to all four! 

Wednesday, June 12th from 2-4 PM
Duct Tape Crafts
-Get crafty with tape and make awesome FREE wallets, belts, bows, and more. You’ll be the envy of all the non-duct taped populace!

Wednesday, June 26th from 2-4 PM
How to be a Writer
- Learn to write fantasy and paranormal fiction with Sarah Cortez, editor of You Don’t Have a Clue and Windows into My World: Latino Youth Write their Lives.  Get a FREE pocket notebook to keep all your best ideas.  A perfect program for aspiring writers of all types!

Wednesday, July 17th from 2-4 PM
How to Survive a Zombie Attack-
Learn how to survive the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Play zombie trivia, learn zombie survival, compete in the zombie walk-off, and more. Remember all those that laughed off the possibility of zombie uprisings when your brains are still snug in your skull and the scoffers' internal organs are no longer internal!

Wednesday, July 31st from 2-4 PM
Minute to Win It III-
Compete in super-fun 60 second games for chances to win legendary glory and awesome prizes! Nothing can prepare you for the awesome onslaught of these ridiculous trials!  Be the winner!  Taste victory from an exploding waterfall of fire and also lightning!  Become immortal*!

*Metaphorically.  Moore Memorial Public Library can not bestow immortality on it's patrons (yet). 


 Don't sit at home bored and lonely and sad. Come volunteer at the library! We are looking for teens willing to extend a helping hand to young readers this summer. If you are a teen (ages 12-18), you are eligible to volunteer as a reading mentor by listening to young readers practicing their skills. “Listen off” your fines or gain community service credit.

VolunTeens will also help keep the library neat, keep the YP FIC organized, shelve DVDs, make book lists, and more!  We will also have Tech Teen photographers that take pictures for MMPL. With this volunteer time, you can either “work” off your fines* (at a rate of $3 per 15 minutes) or gain community service credit—we will provide you with proof for your service. 

*Please note that this program applies only to overdue fines and not fines from lost or damaged materials. Participants may only work off their own fines, not those of other family members  

For more information about any summer event, ask the reference desk or call the Reference Desk at (409) 643-5977.

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