Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Join the Club(s)!

At Moore Memorial Public Library we have three monthly clubs for all 12-18 year-olds that are awesome or are interested in becoming awesome.

Teen Advisory Board (TAB): This group meets every month to discuss ways to improve the library for teens, work on projects for the library (displays, crafts, bookmarks, etc.), review books, discuss current events, eat snacks, and more.  This is a way for teens to earn Leadership Hours which are great for college applications and for that first job hunt.  This is a pressure free club. because you can come to as many or as few meetings as you are able to attend. To reward frequent attendance, if you come to 3 meetings within a 6 month period you get a FREE book!

We meet next Friday, July 12th at 1PM.  We'll be making a TAB's favorite books display!  So if you want to join up bring a list of 3-5 books you love and help us decorate and build our display!

Manga Club:  This is for all our otaku at the library!  We get together to discuss manga and do manga/anime related activities.  We've made manga cubbee craft, practiced 'vadering' (see left pic), done a billion fun different surveys and quizzes, made manga avatars, and loads more.  We meet again THIS FRIDAY at 1 PM!!! We'll be making origami, so be there or be sad!

Board Games You've NEVER Played: This group meets every Friday all summer!  We have TRULY KILLER games! We have enough variety to please just about anybody that doesn't hate fun in all forms. Plus you get the chance to school a librarian (me) in fun and unique strategy games and make him (me) weep the bitter tears of defeat!  Once the school year starts we have to go back to just (SOB) once a month, so enjoy the weekly gaming goodness while it lasts!  We meet from 2-5 every Friday this summer!

If you are ever unsure when we are meeting call (409) 949-3008, email lalvey@texas-city-tx.org, check our library events page here, OR ask Luke whenever you are next at the library!

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