Friday, July 19, 2013

Zombies attacked the library! WE SURVIVED!

AUUUUUUUUGH! ZOMBIES! Wait. We totally got this!  we have mad zombie survival skills because we went to How to Survive a Zombie Attack!

We started by learning about the art of camouflage.  If zombies think you're one of them you'll be safe! Zombies never eat their own!  Which makes sense because while I'm sure humans are delicious, zombies taste terrible. Once we were disguised we practiced our zombie shambling. 

Afterwards we did a preparedness drill. We broke into teams and had to fill our backpack with the seven best items for a zombie apocalypse.  Teams showed great strategic thinking and speed! Winners received awesome travel journals to record their (probably final) thoughts about living in a world of the dead!  Afterwards we all got zombie disaster kit checklists from the Center of Disease Control.  The CDC knows zombies are coming!  We also realized that they'd work for hurricanes too.  

Afterwards we tested our knowledge of zombie books and movies, because we must understand our enemy to defeat our enemy. Our zombie hunter to the right won both the Zombie Walk Off and the Zombie Fiction Trivia!!!  I know who I'm following when the zombies shuffle through the library doors!

Last but certainly not least, we tested out ACTUAL zombie survival skills with a Zombie Survival Quiz.  It looked at everything! the best weapons, rides, strategies, philosophies, clothes, and more to survive a wide array of possible zombie scenarios.  After the quiz everyone got one of Young Adult Librarian Luke's Zombie Survival Tips to get some basics down.  It was hours of fun and horror!  

If you missed it, we still have some awesome zombie mini posters, zombie supply checklists, and zombie bibliographies (book lists) at the reference desk.  And if you think this looks like fun, wait until Minute to Win It III on Wednesday, July 31st at 2 PM!  We'll compete for honor, glory, and prizes in games of ridiculous skill and hilarious silliness! Get your FREE ticket starting Wednesday, July 24th. 

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