Monday, October 18, 2010

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman YP FIX SHUSTERM

Tennyson can’t believe his sister would date a thug like Bruiser and makes it his mission to keep them apart. Brontë thinks Tennyson is more of a thug and bully than Brewster could ever be and wishes he would give him a chance and stop calling him Bruiser while he’s at it. Brewster just wants the people he cares about not to hurt and hies an extraordinary secret that will change all their lives forever in this novel about first impressions, second chances, and the healing power of love.

This was a tough novel to get into at frst because while Tennyson is a witty guy he is an absolute jerk. It is hard to read things from his perspective and watch him treat everyone like dirt without realizing it. Fortunately, Tennyson makes some big character changes and develops into a really likable character. In the end, him being SUCH A JERK at first makes his changes more interesting to read about. We also get the story told from the POV of Brontë, Brewster, and Brewster’s little brother, so it lets the reader discover different ways of looking at the same events. It really helps draw the reader into the story and makes the build up of Brewster’s secret and past pay off even better. This is a really good story with plenty of strong character’s and interesting twists. If you like character centered books with a twist, then you should really like Bruiser.

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