Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham YP FIC GRAHAM

Carly Finnegan just got dumped. What's worse it was by what she would have sworn was the love of her life, Brian. What’s worse than worse is now Brian already has a new girl: Taylor. Carly just wants to see what Taylor has that’s so much better than Carly. She just needs one peek, but after Carly sees her she needs to know more and it isn’t long before she is following Taylor everywhere. Can she stop or is she really a stalker?

Stalker Girl is a interesting story about what happens after the break up. Carly is a likeable character and while she keeps making terrible decisions, it’s hard not to feel for her. I like that Carly is a really normal person that just keeps getting deeper into obsession, it shows that these kinds of things can happen to anyone if they aren’t careful. It’s a good read for fans of real life stories and relationship drama or anyone that ever spent too much time on Facebook checking up on their ex.

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