Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cthulhu Tales 2: The Whisper of Madness by Various Authors/ artists YP FIC NILES

The world seems a pleasant place, doesn’t it? However, lurking beyond the illusion of safety, peace, and sanity itself lays the horrifying truth: The Ancient Ones. These eternal beings are beyond good or evil and have existed far longer than mortal mind can fathom. And they will return and in returning all existence will be irrevocably changed. This collection of comics is but a warning for when the dread Cthulhu returns and claims all that it surveys as its own.

This is a hit and miss (but almost entirely hit) collection of comics about the H. P. Lovecraft mythos. H. P. Lovecraft was the horror writer that created the mythology of the Ancient Ones and encouraged writers of his time and after him to use his ideas to create new stories of fear and madness, which they have to great effect. This collection has some great art and some really good stories. What makes Lovecraftian horror so scary is the idea that everything we know about our world is wrong and that the Ancient Ones will always win. Very much a downer, but great for horror stories! If you like this collection I’d recommend Lovecraft’s collections in YP FIC LOVECRAF.

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