Tuesday, December 14, 2010

l-1l (in non-mathese: The Absolute Value of Negative One) by Steve Brezenoff YP FIC BREZENOF

Lily, Noah, and Simon made it through middle school (barely), but now in high school life is falling apart. Noah wants to be with Lily, but she only wants Simon. Simon is having a hard time paying attention to either, because his dad is losing to cancer and his whole family is falling apart. To everyone else they are a single indivisible unit, but in reality they hardly know each other and just exist beside each other. A hard compelling look about what friends and family are for.

This is a sometimes dark, sometimes sad, look at isolation and loneliness that is common in the teen ages. The novel is told by Lily, Noah, and Simon with two shorter chapters by Simon’s sister Suzanne (say that five times fast!). This lets us see in each character’s head and see how well or little they see each other and how others see them. The kids seem real and their flaws aren’t easily resolved. l-1l isn’t completely bleak and hopeless, but it doesn’t end with a clean resolution of all the problems, which I appreciated. This is a good read for someone looking for something real and tough.


A.S. King said...

I just read this book and LOVED it. I loved all the characters, but have to say: Wasn't Noah a trip?

Librarian the Luke said...

Noah is HARD to like at first. He really grew on me though. All the main characters did, even Simon.