Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Invincible Iron Man: World’s Most Wanted by Matt Fraction Art by Salvador Larroca YP FIC FRACTION

Tony Stark is a hunted man. His company is all but destroyed. His armor is functioning way below capacity. And the most powerful man in America is Norman Osborn, a super villain that has everyone convinced he’s a hero and Tony Stark is a traitor and a terrorist. Best of all he has the secret identity of every hero in America hidden in his brain and Osborn wants to scoop it out. Iron Man has to defy the government, keep his friends from being murdered, and keep out of Osborn’s grasp while he ERASES HIS OWN BRAIN!!!

Iron Man written by Matt Fraction is better than he has ever been. If you know of Iron Man from the AWESOME movies starring Robert Downey Jr. then you will feel right at home with this Iron Man. Tony Stark is funny, brilliant, but arrogant and blinded by his pride. It makes for a fun super-hero that can cause as much damage as the villains he fights. Also, this book has plenty of subtext about our own real world government and its war on terror. Like most super hero books that get political it is sometimes a little silly to see caped people being metaphors for current geopolitical unrest, but Fraction’s writing again saves the day. Most Wanted isn’t just a silly book about a man in a robot suit punching and shooting the bad guys. It’s a tense and intelligent thriller with complex characters and great twists and turns ABOUT a man in a robot suit punching and shooting the bad guys! If you liked the movies or enjoy super hero comics jump into the Iron Man books today!

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