Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weathercraft by jim Woodring YP FIC WOODRING

Poor Old Manhog! For one his name is Manhog! Second he actually is a man-like hog or a hog-like man (depending on your point of view). Third, he is having the bad day to end all bad days. Join him on his bizarre and arduous journey of misfortune and discovery through multiple realities in this sublimely trippy graphic novel.

Weathercraft continues the world of Frank a cartoon cat that according to Woodring “bends with the breeze, rolls with the punches and never learns tomorrow what he has already forgotten today.” Sure! You can read more Frank centric adventures in The Portable Frank (741.5973 WOODRING), but Weathercraft really follows the sloth and greed personified Manhog and through his trip shows the perils of laziness of the soul. I think. You definitely get the feeling that you are missing a lot in Woodring’s books unless you read them several times. However, if you make the effort you are in for a strange and wondrous work of true art. Weathercraft is a modern fable filled with hidden meaning and symbolic value. Also it is just plain fun to see reality twisted so casually as it is in Weathercraft. This would be great for fans of Art Comics or for something truly Different (as in so original I had to capitalize different).

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