Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Tooth: out of the Deep Woods by Jeff Lemire YP FIC LEMIRE

Gus has only ever known his home. A small cabin fenced off and surrounded by woods. But after his father dies of “the affliction” a plague that has ravaged humankind, he has to make his way into the world. But he’s different. He has ears and antlers like a deer, which makes him a hybrid. Which means he’s immune. Which means he’s valuable. When he’s found and saved from hunters by “Big Man” he thinks he’s saved. But in a dying world, Gus can’t afford to trust anyone.

This is Jeff Lemire’s follow up to his super awesome take on the Invisible Man The Nobody which I reviewed here. Like that one this is a look at how a minor difference can lead to major problems in society. However, in Sweet Tooth Lemire is working on a much larger scale, which pays off big time. It’s a great read for fans of dystopian fiction and has a great sense of danger and suspense throughout. Lemire’s unusual line work keeps things even more unsettling. Everything he draws seems off and slightly twisted. It makes for a unique reading experience and his sudden bursts of violence really pack a punch. I think this would be a good read for comic fans looking for a unique read.

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