Friday, October 28, 2011

Superman: The Black Ring by Paul Cornell Art by Pete Woods YP FIC CORNELL

Lex Luthor tasted the ultimate power during Blackest Night (evil black Power rings raised people from the dead and made them evil) when he gained the power of the Orange Lantern.  Now Luthor searches for the remnants of the Black Rings source of power to shape the destiny of the universe.

Luthor is a perfect choice for a villain based comic, because he sees himself as Earth’s greatest hero.  Lex believes he has to save humanity form aliens and other super powered beings.  The fact that he is a cold blooded mass murder just means he’s efficient, right? this comic really has fun with Luthor and has him at his egotistical best.  It’s fun following him on his zany adventures with his Robot Lois Lane companion.  He fights some of DC’s zanier characters like a mind controlling worm, a mind controlling and brain eating gorilla, and he even meets Death the teenage girl (made famous in DC’s arty Vertigo line of comics).  All this makes for great silly fun and a welcome dose of weirdness that sets it apart from your average superhero yarn.  I do wish this volume didn’t end on a cliff hanger, but that is part and parcel for comic book collections these days, so I think most readers are used to it by now.

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