Friday, October 28, 2011

This Girl is Different by J J Johnson YP FIC JOHNSON

Evensong Sparkling Morningdew did not have the average upbringing as her name so cleary attests.  However, home schooled Evie has decided to join the crows and go to a REAL school for her senior year, but high school can be a minefield, a battlefield, or all sorts of other bad fields.  Not only are the rigid structure and the seemingly arbitrary rules maddening, but when she speaks out she ignites a giant controversy.  When she decides to make big changes in the system she starts unlocking secrets and truths she isn’t ready to face.  Revolution is harder than it looks!

This book shines because Evie is believably intelligent and mixes her expansive knowledge about academic pursuits with a total naiveté about how the world works. Her narration is always interesting and funny and pushes the story forward at a brisk pace. There are a few sort of cliché characters, but some characters really work.  I really respected that Johnson has the adults in the books be a mixture of good and bad in a believable way.  After all, usually even pretty lame schools have some good and bad in the staff.  It made the story better and richer than had Evie been up against all villains with the adults. I thought the ending verged towards an almost Hollywood happy ending, which is surprising because the book is mainly realistic throughout.  However, it wasn’t so unbelievable that I threw my book down in disgust, vowing never to read it again.  In fact, some people will probably like it a lot.  Besides, the rest of the book is so good I doubt most people will care at all.  Looking for something ‘different’ *?  This is your book!

*Sorry, I am biologically unable to resist terrible puns.

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