Monday, January 30, 2012

Doglands by Tim Willocks YP FIC WILLOCKS

Furgul is born into the harsh life of a greyhound puppy mill, but his birth marks him for death.  He’s a half breed, his father a stray that snuck in and out of the seemingly inescapable mill.  Furgul is slated to be killed in vicious the dog fighting ring and his only hope is to try and find his father in the fabled Doglands.

Full disclosure: I can NOT read the minds of dogs.  However, if I could, I feel confident that it would be very similar to Doglands.  That is the real hook of Doglands: getting inside the heads of pooches in peril.  I really found myself believing in and caring about the characters, which is hard enough to find with humans. The book looks at the choice between the safety of being a pet and the risk of being free.  It’s a very clever allegory about human existence as well as an exciting read.  I think this book has a huge amount of crossover appeal to fans of YA of all stripes.

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