Monday, January 30, 2012

Feynman by Jim Ottaviani Art by Leland Myrick B FEYNMAN

Who’s the man with Nobel Prize?  FEYNMAN!
Who’s the man that made physics the bomb? FEYNMAN!
Who’s the man that solves science mysteries? FEYNMAN!
Who’s the physicist that made history? FEYNMAN!

See for yourself in the graphic novel biography of one of the world’s coolest geniuses.  

Feynman is a funny, smart, and at times moving biography of the eccentric genius, Richard Feynman.  Feynman had a truly fascinating life and equally fascinating view of life.  This graphic novel biography takes us from his childhood to death hitting all the biggest events of his professional and personal life.  The book does a great job of making complex physics a character of the story and making it accessible and interesting.  If you are interested in science, geniuses, or more character focused comics.

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