Friday, March 30, 2012

DC Universe: Legacies by Len Wein art by Various artists YP FIC WEIN

See the entire DC universe’s grand super history through the eyes of everyman Paul Lincoln.  From the start of the mystery men to the modern era, Legacies shows every major DC event worth showing.  This hugely packed edition also includes loads of extra short comics that call out standouts from the DC history.

This is a MUST read for DC comics fans.  It is a short primer of every major DC period form the Golden Age to non-hero comics to Silver Age to the relevant 70s, the grim and gritty 80s and 90s, and ending with the modern DC.  Especially since DC has rebooted everything, this makes a great way to take an informal tour through DC history.  Best yet is the art, which is done by artists from the respective periods that the book covers.  Hardcore fans will get lots of great references, but newbies will enjoy the scope and scale even if they wonder at all the references.  Fortunately we have the DC Comics Encyclopedia (Call number 741.50973 DC) if you want to dig deeper.  If you enjoy this, definitely check out the brilliant take on 1960s Marvel comics from the eye of a normal man, Marvels by Kurt Busiek and artist Alex Ross (YP FIC BUSIEK).  

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