Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan Mcleod YP FIC MCLEOD

The world we know has ended and a new world governed by the mystic arts and kung fu has replaced it.  The balance of life and death is off kilter and the dead rise from the grave because the cycle of reincarnation cannot be completed. Now a Ghost Emperor and his generals seek the armor that can return him to life so he can destroy the world.  Only Lei Kung, a lowly foot soldier, can learn long forgotten secret arts and save all life on Earth.

This book had me with zombie kung fu fighting, but it offers so much more. Disco kung fu masters, using detachable limbs as weapons, martial arts that make people explode, shaolin robot training, and more and more and more awesome ridiculousness.  This perfectly captures the feeling of finding an insane kung fu movie on at 3am and watching it get crazier and crazier and never believing your own eyes.  The storyline has plenty of melodramatic twists and turns, the kung fu is first rate, and the fluid Asian-inspired brushwork makes it a one of a kind visual feast.  This is a must read for any kung fu fan and will likely make kung fu fans of most any one that reads it.    

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