Thursday, April 26, 2012

Run: A Subject Seven Novel by James A. Moore YP FIC MOORE

The Failures are top secret mutant soldiers.  They’re unbelievably fast, strong, and vicious.  And they’re hiding inside the bodies of normal teenagers.  Now the Failures are on the run and running out of time.  The Successes (all the strengths of the Failures, none of the weaknesses, and trained to kill) are on their trail, their mutant other selves are weakening and may eventually destroy their human sides, and their one Hope is evelyn hope: the woman that made them and wants them captured, dissected, and erased from all human memory.  

Like, Subject Seven before it, this book is a fun twist on the Jekyll and Hyde dynamic. Run is a gritty, grimy, pulpy, fun time for older teens looking for a great cheesy action movie in book form.  It’s faster paced than Subject Seven, but anyone who hasn’t read the first book will have a tough time telling all the characters apart and relating at all to them.    The characters still don’t have a lot of depth or feel very ‘real’, but they work very well for the book.  The use of constantly shifting perspective works well as a way to keep you guessing who knows what and who’s really calling the shots.  It reminds me of a more rated R Maximum Ride series, which is a pretty awesome thing for teens that like gritty action and fast reads.  It may not change the way you look at the fragile humanity of humankind in a hostile universe, but it will entertain and have you looking forward to the next ride.

MILD QUIBBLE:  Gillikers is that cover atrocious!  They don't even use the SAME poorly-shaded-in-Photoshop models as the last terrible cover.

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