Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hidden by Richard Sala YP FIC SALA

In the blink of an eye the whole world changed:  Monsters stride the sky, ghouls run the streets, humanity is doomed.  One man knows why, but finding the secret may destroy the remnants of humankind.  

This is a delightfully bizarre reworking of the classic Frankenstein mythos that has a fiendish and almost gleeful look at how hard humanity works at its own destruction.  Part send up of horror movies, part classic Gothic horror, part brutally violent murder fest, The Hidden is a completely off the wall graphic novel that looks like a simply drawn demented picture book about the gates of Hell opening on earth.  It’s superbly and refreshing in its unsentimental look at total annihilation.  Richard Sala has a totally inimitable style and this is maybe his best and oddest work yet.  It is a weirdly fun and almost upbeat apocalyptic tale, because the forces of darkness are having such gleeful fun at our demise. One of the most twisted and enjoyable looks at the basic darkness behind the pursuit to master life and death you’ll read this year in comic book form!

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