Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill YP FIC GILL

Don’t go to Mars. It’s a big spinning ball of red death. Sixteen year old space mercenary Durango doesn’t have any choice however. Running from his past with a band of outcasts and misfits, he’s stuck taking the worst and most dangerous jobs. Fortunately he’s got a computer in his brain to help him out and a laser at his hip. He’ll need every trick he’s ever learned on his newest job of defending an outpost of miners from mutant cannibalistic brutes called Dræu and their super sadistic evil queen.

Space cowboys! Sort of! This definitely has a strong space western vibe, but only in the best possible way. There is a strong cast of characters, fast paced action throughout, and plenty of witty dialogue between Durango and his constant AI companion. The overall story isn’t all that new and most the characters feel like types (conflicted hero, tough but vulnerable soldier girl, evil queen, etc.), but they are all fun to read types. The book’s pace is the best part about it. Something new is always happening and you go from one cool scene to the next. This takes all the best elements of classic Space Opera Sci-Fi and keeps it fresh and new. If you like gun slinging space stories Black Hole Sun can’t miss

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