Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brain Camp by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan Art by Faith Erin Hicks YP FIC KIM

Camp Fielding excels at taking even the dimmest camper and making them into a genius. The catch: they put something in your braaaaaaaaain!!! Jenna is an underachiever in a super competitive family. Lucas has been written off as prison bound most his life. As the two newest campers they form an unlikely bond to try and figure out the mystery of Camp Fielding before it’s too late…for their brains.

The first thing that grabbed me about Brain Camp was the art. Faith Erin Hicks also drew the very good War at Ellsmere (YP FIC HICKS) and her work remains really effective. She uses thick lines and simple designs mixed with small touches of detail. This allows her to switch between different emotional touches very well. The story is quirky and weird with a nice touch of menace. The classic story of people being brainwashed and trying to stop them when no one believes you is a staple of Sci Fi Horror and putting it at a summer camp is a fun twist. It’s a fun and short read with unique art and some really fun twists. If you like your comics a little quirky then check it out.

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