Friday, September 10, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater YP FIC STIEFVAT

Can a cure be worse than the disease? That’s what Sam wonders now that he’s no longer cursed to travel as a wolf every winter. Sure, now he’s free to be with Grace, the girl he loves, but restarting his life has been harder than he thought. Now there’s a new wolf in town and his secrets could bring Sam and Grace’s new life to a halt just as its beginning.

While it does suffer a bit from Middle Book in a Trilogyitis, Linger will stay with you of you give it a chance. The first book, Shiver had less main characters (this book has FOUR narrators) and Sam and Grace’s Impossible Love (I’ve decided that since Impossible Love has become so popular in teen fiction it deserves to be capitalized and bolded) was just beginning, so things seemed more immediate. However, even though Linger is a slower starting book, the writing is so good, you may not mind at all. Stiefvater has such great descriptions and really set scenes so well that you’ll really feel like you are there. If you want another story of paranormal love against all odds, then this is one of the better written series out there. Definitely check out Shiver if you haven’t and if you like it you will more than likely enjoy Linger too.

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