Thursday, March 31, 2011

Captain America: Two Americas by Ed Brubaker Illustrated by Luke Ross

Steve Rogers, the original, Captain America is back from being trapped in a mental time loop in his brain (long story), so now he has to decide if he will take up his shield or leave it in the hands of the new Captain America, his former side kick Bucky Barnes. Whoever gets to carry the shield has to fight a totally different and TOTALLY INSANE Captain America from the 1950s before he and his terrorist squadron kill millions!

This is a straightforward action showcase with a fun espionage feel. The often times heavy handed super hero obsessing over the burdens of power is kept to a minimum for loads of awesome action sequences that pay off big time. Long time super hero fans will definitely appreciate how much page time The Falcon gets, because his adventures with Captain America have long been a highlight of the series. The art by Luke Ross is superb and harkens back to the great Marvel artists of the 70s like Jack “The King” Kirby”, Gene Colan and Neal Adams. Several panels are laid out to look exactly like their work as homage. So if you want to read a classic adventure super hero tale with great art then look no further.

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