Friday, March 25, 2011

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali by Denny O’Neil Illustrated by Neal Adams TP FIC ONEILL

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Superman and boxing legend Muhammad Ali? Of course you haven’t! That is a preposterous notion that no sane person would consider! No one except, of course, for the fine creators of the comic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali. Aliens have a super armada of space ships waiting to rain fiery death on all humankind if Earth’s greatest champion doesn’t defeat their greatest champion…in a boxing match. Makes sense, kind of like Space Jam (J DVD SPAVE) is a reasonable premise for a film! So Superman and Muhammad Ali have to box it out for the right to box an alien. However the fight is under a Red Sun which (of course) robs Superman of his powers, so any one can win! Who will be Earth’s greatest Heavyweight Intergalactic boxing champion and will Earth prevail?

This is an AWESOMELY fun comic. It has an insane (but fun) premise, art by comic book master Neal Adams, seriously great boxing action, and Muhammad Ali! It is definitely a product or its era. It is so 70s it will turn your pants into bell bottoms just by reading it! I was truly impressed by how well they captured the verbal style and attitude of Ali in comic book form. I think they accurately describe how Ali would act when confronted with boxing aliens. If you are at all a fan of superhero comics or a boxing fan, then this is a weird and wonderful gem that you need to give a shot.

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