Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Series by Bryan Lee O’Malley YP FIC OMALLEY

Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler! And this is very sad because Scott is 23 years old, but soon Scott meets the girl of his dreams (literally, but just because his dreams are an easy delivery route on the Subspace Highway), Ramona Flowers. Once he begins dating her, then dumps his high schooler girlfriend (in that order), he finds he must defeat her seven evil exes to date her. So starts an epic journey to find himself, grow up, punch people in the face, fight robots, face the past, get a job, punch more people in the face, and learn what it really means to fight for true love!

This series, like Scott Pilgrim, himself has a rating of Awesome. The art is definitely influenced strongly by Japanese comics, but retains its own character. If you have already seen the movie Scott Pilgrim you will be familiar with the basic story, characters, and humor, but the six volume comic has time to tell the story in a deeper way allowing for more time with your favorite characters. The dialogue is super witty and clever at times too much for its own good. Many of the characters can seem a bit unlikeable because they try so hard to sound cool all the time, but ultimately that is part of what makes the series work. Scott isn’t that likeable at first and it is only through time and Epic Struggling that he grows and matures a bit. In the middle is plenty of comedy, cool art, and action, but also some well written moments about love and relationships. This actually is one of the better comic book love stories, even though it is sort of an acquired taste. If you don’t like man children in their 20s obsessed with 80s nostalgia, then Pilgrim is not for you. But if you liked the movie you will LOVE the comic and if you like manga or comics that are light and funny then you might just love Pilgrim too.

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