Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunny by Taiyo Matsumoto YP FIC MATSUMOT

The story of an orphanage in a small Japanese town, the kids that live in it, and a broken down Nissan Sunny 1200. Their hopes, dreams, and loves seem are all shown in vivid relief next to the shame and stigma of being cast offs. 

This is not a fighting giant robots, magical girl, comic love romp, or any other of the well-worn genre staples.  This is a completely unique work. It has a striking visual style that mixes manga and European comic art to create something unlike any other comic being published.  it has it's own slow, wan style that feels more like a Japanese art house film than a comic.  It is an at turns sad and funny look at growing up when you're cast off.  There isn't a grand over arching plot, instead there are short vignettes with each chapter looking at either a different character or a different facet at growing up surrounded by people that are all alone.  It's a beautiful look at nostalgia, loneliness, longing, and the ache of hope.  I think it might end up being his finest work when it's completed. Which is saying a great deal because I absolutely LOVED GoGo Monster (reviewed here) and Tekkonkinkreet (reviewed here).  If you enjoy comics as a valuable artistic medium, then you just have to give Sunny a try.

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