Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GoGo Monster by Taiyo Matsumoto YP FIC MATSUMOT

Yuki Tachibana is a nine year old dreamer ridiculed by his classmates. He talks often of a world that only he sees and hears of magical beings that constantly surround us. Lately, his school has new visitors. A new student named Makoto Suzuki that is intrigued by Yuki and new creatures from the other world. These creatures are darker and more dangerous than his friends and the ruler of the other world, Super Star doesn’t talk to Yuki any more. As the school year goes on Yuki’s visions get weirder and more frequent. Is he crazy or is this second world real? And will he cross to the other side when he gets the chance?

This is an unusual manga that is a true artistic statement. It is drawn with a very unique style. The lines are left slightly rough and uneven and some details will be slightly exaggerated or made larger, but the overall design is realistic. This makes everything seem slightly odd and disorienting, which works perfectly for the story. When Yuki’s visions start becoming more bizarre it was really unsettling. The plot moves forward with fits and jumps. The whole book reminds me of how I would remember a year of school after it was over: brief little moments that stayed with me and nothing in between. GoGo Monster perfectly captures what is like in that awkward time in childhood when you begin to stop believing in magic and a part of the imagination dies. This is a great read for older readers that will take the time and pay attention to this beautiful and wonderfully weird story. If you are looking for a work of art to fire your imagination, pick this one up.

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