Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Newsweek calls Meg Cabot “chick-lit royalty,” and she continues to reign supreme. Cabot, the author of several young adult novels, such as the Princess Diaries series, recently published Being Nikki, the second book in her Airhead series. Airhead was the first book in the series, which introduced Em, a brainiac trapped inside the body of a internationally-adored supermodel, Nikki. This first book told the tales immediately after Em’s brain was placed inside Nikki’s body. Being Nikki picks up where the last book left off, but this time around is a little bit mystery, a little bit romance, and a whole lotta funny. Cabot also splashes in a healthy mix of celebrity culture for those interested in night life, movie stars, and the latest trends.

Em/Nikki struggles to balance passing 11th grade with runway shows and photo shoots half-way around the world. When Nikki’s mother goes missing, there is one more struggle added to her packed schedule. A best friend intent on revenge of Stark Industries, a brother who keeps demanding answers, and a constant stream of ex-boyfriends looking to rekindle fanned flames adds to Em’s dilemma, but also makes for a hilarious, quick read for those who love Cabot’s wacky story lines.

Being Nikki, Airhead, and many of Cabot’s previous books are available at the Moore Memorial Public Library in the Young Adult and General Fiction areas.

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