Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel

The Immortals series begins with Alyson Noels’ book Evermore. It continues with the Blue Moon, which picks up where Evermore left off. Both books are available at the Library in the Young Adult section, as well Art Geeks & Prom Queens, which is a previous publication by Noel.

16 year-old Ever loses her family in a tragic accident. Soon after, as she mourns their loss, she discovers she can hear people’s thoughts, see their auras, and can know a person’s entire life just by touching them. She avoids her classmates and general human contact because of these new abilities and is ostracized at school. When she meets Damen, who can make things disappear and reappear, she is drawn to him because of the calm he brings her. Unsure of what he is, Ever discovers he is a part of an enchanted world where no one dies. She will soon discover how she fits into this new world.

Blue Moon
The sequel to Evermore continues with the story of Ever, who is learning more about her abilities as they strengthen. However, as she grows more powerful, Damen, the man she loves, seems to be weakening. In order to save him, Ever must travel to Summerland, another magical place. While there she uncovers Damen’s painful past and the ability to turn back time. Will Ever chane the past to bring back her family, or will she remain in the present and save the man she has grown to love?

This series will be enjoyed by any fans of Twilight and other mystical storylines. Noel is a strong writer, who is able to capture the imaginations of the readers with her descriptive words. Shadowland, which is not yet published, will be the follow up book to Blue Moon.

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