Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sacred Scars by Kathleen Duey

Fans of Kathleen Duey’s Skin Hunger will be happy to learn the second book of the A Resurrection of Magic trilogy, Sacred Scars, is now available at the Moore Memorial Library. The story picks up with Sadima, Franklin, and Somiss, who have been driven out of Limori by a suspicious fire to a series of caves. Somiss is still on his mission to restore magic, which has been outlawed, by capturing a group of orphaned street boys. He claims to want to train the boy, but Sadima is skeptical of his motives.

Similarly to Skin Hunger Duey also follows the character, Hahp, who lives generations into the future of Sadima’s reality. Hahp is still reluctantly attending the Academy of Magic in Limori and its dangerous classes. Although Hahp and his roommate, Gerrard, have agreed to work together to bring down the evil at the academy, they know that they will need the assistance from all of the students. Now they just need a plan and the trust of their fellow students.

Skin Hunger was a National Book Award Finalist. Both books are available at the library. Sacred Scars is currently available in the New Books area, and Skin Hunger is shelved in the YP section of the library.

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