Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gearing Up for College

Although the school year hasn’t even started many students already have college on the brain. The Moore Memorial Public Library has a number of books that can help future college students prepare for their furthering their education. A number of these books and some websites have been compiled in a brochure, also known as a bibliography, available at the library and online. The bibliography, entitled “College & Career Resources” contains information about available test preparation guides, financial aid, scholarships, and college guides. Prospective college students may also check out books that can help with the application and essay process. For those who are still exploring career options, the guide provides the names of books and links that explore career trends. Lastly, the guide also has a list of Spanish language materials and websites for local universities and community colleges.

The printed version of the guide is available in the computer area of the library. Please speak with a reference Librarian, who can help you locate the desired materials. Preparing for college is an exciting experience, and your local library is here to help you with the process.

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