Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Crisis written by Grant Morrison YP FIC MORRISON

This is it! The DC comics event of the Year/Decade/Century! This is the end and new beginning of everything there is in DC comics. Writer Grant Morrison and a team of the absolute best comic book artists working for DC today craft an epic universe smashing tale (literally) including every major DC superhero. Batman, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and a slew of others face off against the ultimate evil: Darkseid and his Evil gods.

Realities are smashed, heroes die, time stops, and at one point a giant Superman robot piloted by Superman fights a giant space vampire. Really. It’s got great art, big drama, and changes everything about the DC universe. Grant Morrison is legendary in comics for writing weird and deep comics and this would be his masterpiece.

While this is a must for current comic fans I think it will also be fun for new fans. Just make sure to have your favorite internet search engine ready to look up some of the characters you don’t recognize. It worked for me!

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