Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hold Still by Nina LaCour YP FIC LACOUR

Hold Still covers a year in the life of Caitlin a high school girl that just lost her best friend to suicide. Things get even worse for Caitlin when she finds her friend’s journal in her room. Burdened by the weight of guilt and the feeling that she never knew her own best friend Caitlin tries to struggle through her Junior year along the way meeting new friends and even finding a possible romance, but will her guilt ruin everything she is trying to build?
This is without a doubt one of the best novels I have ever read about grief. Caitlin is a very realistic and likeable young girl that never seems inauthentic. This book deals with issues of depression, sex, suicide, grief, self mutilation, and many other issues teens face in a honest manner that never seems preachy. This book would be excellent for any reader that has dealt with grief or just wants a great story with strong characters. Best of all, even though the issues the book addresses are dark the book itself is very hopeful and uplifting.  It's astounding that this is a first novel and if it is a sign of things to come then readers have a LOT to look forward to from LaCour. 

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