Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laika by Nick Abadzis YP FIC ABADZIS

This graphic novel by Nick Abadzis mixes fact and fiction to tell the true story about the first creature to travel in space. The world’s first cosmonaut (Soviet astronaut) was a tiny dog named Laika. The story of one dog’s birth, life, and voyage beyond the reaches of the Earth is mirrored in the people that surround him. Laika is not just a story about a dog; it is also a fascinating history of space exploration, Soviet politics, and the value of a single life versus the costs of ambition.

Laika is drawn with a simple and rough style that really draws you in after a few pages. The characters and story feel real and alive. You might have a tough time putting this one down and you may want to have some tissues ready. SPOILER ALERT: This story has a tearjerker ending.

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