Monday, January 25, 2010

Legacy by Tom Sniegoski YP FIC SNIEGOSK

Lucas is an ordinary teenager that wants an ordinary life. He lives in a small town, works at the garage, and doesn’t see any other future for himself. Then his deadbeat dad shows up and tells him that he’s a superhero named The Raptor and wants Lucas to take his place. Now Lucas’s life isn’t so ordinary. After he turns his father down his home is attacked and Lucas decides he must seek justice, but he soon finds his father isn’t as noble as he seems. Lucas must make the ultimate choice between loyalty and honor.

Legacy is a fast, gritty, and funny book. If you like super hero stories that look at what it means to be a super hero in the real world you should also check out the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore YP FIC MOORE, the novel Dull Boy by Sarah Cross YP FIC CROSS , or the novel Hero by Perry Moore YP FIC MOORE.

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